Cuidar das cri­anças entre Angola e Por­tu­gal — a parental­i­dade nas famílias transna­cionais by Marzia Grassi e Jeanne Vivet

SOCI­OLO­GIA, PROB­LE­MAS E PRÁTI­CAS, n.º 79, 2015, pp. 85108. DOI:10.7458/SPP2015793478

Based on data from a sur­vey con­ducted as part of the ICS “Transna­tional Child-​Raising Arrange­ments between Angola and Por­tu­gal” (TCRAf-​Eu 2008) research project and using a transna­tional scale of analy­sis, the present arti­cle looks at the forms of transna­tional care given to chil­dren and young peo­ple with Angolan ori­gins, and how they affect the lives of both those who remain in the coun­try of ori­gin, their par­ents and their car­ers. The new fam­ily for­mats that are emerg­ing sug­gest that the ques­tion of gen­der is play­ing a cen­tral part and raises the ques­tion of the
par­ents’ role as breadwinners.
Key­words: transna­tional fam­i­lies, par­ent­hood, Angola/​Portugal, gender