The Net­work

Transna­tional Lives, Mobil­ity and Gen­der research group at ICS-​ULisboa com­bines the exper­tise of researchers from dif­fer­ent coun­tries and sci­en­tific areas (eco­nom­ics, geog­ra­phy, African stud­ies, soci­ol­ogy, and devel­op­ment stud­ies). The multi-​disciplinary nature of the team mem­bers is a very impor­tant ele­ment tak­ing into account the com­plex and multi-​dimensional nature of the research pro­gramme through a transna­tional perspective.

There are sev­eral projects being devel­oped in the con­text of the Transna­tional Lives, Mobil­ity and Gen­der research program:

Ongo­ing Projects at ICS-​UL

GEN­DERCIT (FP7-​PEOPLE-​2012-​IRSES/​318960)

Places and belong­ings: cir­cu­lar con­ju­gal­i­ties between Angola and Por­tu­gal (PTDC/​AFR/​119149/​2010)

Team: Marzia Grassi (Coord.), Jeanne Vivet, Aline Afonso and Tatiana Ferreira.

Already con­cluded

Transna­tional child-​raising arrange­ments between Africa and Por­tu­gal (TCRAf-​EU/​2009)

Team: Marzia Grassi (Coord.), Jeanne Vivet and Luena Marinho.

Migra­tion Tra­jec­to­ries from Africa, Ille­gal­ity and Gen­der: com­par­a­tive analy­sis from Por­tu­gal and Italy (PIHM/​GC/​0046/​2008)

Team: Marzia Grassi (Coord.), Mar­i­anna Bacci Tam­burlini, Pedro Rodrigues, Tatiana Fer­reira, Augusto Nasci­mento, Alberto Sobrero, Mar­tina Giuf­fré, Cate­rina Cin­golani and Francesco Fanoli.

Ended: 31/​12/​2011

Angola in Move­ment: Socia­bil­i­ties and infor­mal trade (PPCDT/​AFR/​59446/​2004)

Team: Marzia Grassi (Coord.), Samuel Aço, Car­los Lopes and Cristina Rodrigues.

Ended 31/​12/​2009

Final pub­li­ca­tion: (2010) Forms of Famil­ial, Eco­nomic, and Polit­i­cal Asso­ci­a­tion in Angola Today: A Foun­da­tional Soci­ol­ogy of an African State, The Edwin Mellen Press, New York, London.

PhD projects

“The pres­ence of absence — Ways of liv­ing and rep­re­sent­ing the fam­ily in a transna­tional con­text between Por­tu­gal and Angola” (SFRH/​BD80499/​2011)

Claú­dia Luena Mar­inho. Super­vi­sors: Marzia Grassi and Ana Nunes de Almeida

“Transna­tional con­ju­gal­i­ties and cit­i­zen­ship: expe­ri­ences of “ille­gal” migrants in Italy and Por­tu­gal” (SFRH/​BD/​72765/​2010)

Mar­i­anna Bacci Tam­burlini. Super­vi­sor: Marzia Grassi

“Gen­der and gen­er­a­tions: processes of tran­si­tion to adult life of young descen­dants from Por­tuguese speak­ing African coun­tries” (SFRH/​BD/​61130/​2009)

Tatiana Fer­reira. Super­vi­sors: Fer­nando Luís Machado and Marzia Grassi